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I build bridges between the academy and the public by regularly speaking with members of the media.


Welcome to the Gaybourhood?
by Vicky Mochama. Metro Vancouver, August 22, 2017.


Same-sex Marriages Rise, As Gaybourhoods Change,
by Ashley Wadhwani. Surrey Now-Leader, August 3, 2017.


Census 2016: Same-Sex Couples in Canada,
live radio interview with Dan Burritt. CBC, August 2, 2017 (interview begins at 11:42).


The Gayborhood in a Post-Gay, Post-Orlando World,
by C. Brian Smith. MEL Magazine, July 26, 2017.


For Women, Hillcrest Isn’t the Only Gayborhood,
by Randy Dotinga. Voice of San Diego, July 14, 2017.


There Goes the Gayborhood,
by Scott James. New York Times, June 21, 2017.


Straightwashing: Woody’s and How Philly’s Gay Bars are Less Gay,
by Cassie Owens and Mark Dent. Billy Penn, June 16, 2017.


Housing Crunch is the Bane of the LGBT Community,
by Emma Teitel. The Toronto Star, May 2, 2017.



NYC Pride: Tracing the History of NYC’s Gay Neighborhoods From Past to Present,
by Alanna Schubach. Brick Underground, June 30, 2016.


“The Changing Landscape of Gayborhoods,”
live radio interview with anchor Rebecca Corral. KCBS San Francisco, June 23, 2016.


Orlando Shooting: Why LGBTQ Pride and Gay Bars Still Matter,
by Nick Logan. Global News, June 13, 2016.


There Goes the Gaybourhood: Why Gay Areas In Cities May Disappear,
by Josh Spero. The Financial Times, June 3, 2016.


Philadelphia Was Likely First City To Have a Gayborhood,
by Jake Blumgart. Philly Voice, April 1, 2016.


The ‘Gaytrification’ Effect: Why Gay Neighbourhoods are Being Priced Out,
by Feargus O’Sullivan. The Guardian, January 13, 2016.



Marriage Equality Inspires LGBT Couples to Move to New States,” by Erin Rook.
Livability, September 8, 2015.


Burning Man: 24 things to do if you hate techno music,” by Steven W. Thrasher.
The Guardian, September 6, 2015.


Are ‘Gayborhoods’ a Victim of the Gay Rights Movement’s Success?,
by Emily Foxhall. Los Angeles Times, August 1, 2015.


Still Proud: UBC Expert on Why Pride is Still Relevant in an Era of Acceptance,
UBC Public Affairs Press Release. July 31, 2015.


Gay Neighbourhoods are Evolving, Says Sociologist Amin Ghaziani,
by Carlito Pablo. The Georgia Straight. July 29, 2015.



Discussion tonight to explore issue of fading ‘gayborhoods,’
by Joanne Abshire. News 1130. June 2, 2015.


Seattle’s Tech Boom Blamed for Rise in Anti-Gay Attacks,”
by Peter Robison. Bloomberg Business. April 14, 2015.


Lesbians Lead the Way When It Comes to Neighbourhood Gentrification, Research Shows,”
an interview with Zosia Bielski of the Globe and Mail. April 3, 2015.


Lesbians and Urban Renewal,”
live radio interview on CBC (“On the Coast”) with host Stephen Quinn. April 1, 2015.
Interview begins at 39:15.


Where Do Lesbians Live?,”
by Marie Lyn Bernard (Riese). Autostraddle, March 31, 2015.


Lesbian Couples ‘Trailblazers’ of Trendy Neighbourhoods: UBC Researcher,”
by Thandi Fletcher. Metro Vancouver, March 31, 2015.


Say Goodbye to the Gayborhood?,”
an interview with Sara Grossman, editor-in-chief of The Backseat magazine, March 16, 2015.


To Have a Culture of Our Own: The Importance of Gay Neighborhoods,”
radio interview with Cathy DeBuono and Jennie McNulty.
LA Talk Radio (Cathy Is In: The Cathy DeBuono Show), March 2, 2015.
Interview begins at 24:40


HBO’s ‘Looking’ Shows That All of San Francisco is a Gayborhood,” by Cory Weinberg.
San Francisco Business Times, January 8, 2015.



The public reception of my book There Goes the Gayborhood? has been extraordinary.
I have given 80 interviews to members of the media from 7 countries
(Canada, Colombia, England, France, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United States).


Gaybourhoods,” radio interview with Todd van der Heyden.
Viewpoints (CJAD Radio in Montréal, Québec), November 1, 2014.
Interview begins at 48:00


Gay People ‘Out’ Of Their Neighbourhoods,” by Kay Cairns.
The Irish Examiner, October 28, 2014.


Gays In the Hood,” by Brian Bromberger.
Bay Area Reporter, October 23, 2014.


Sexuality in the City,” radio interview with Bryan Crump.
Radio New Zealand (“Nights” NPR Program), October 23, 2014.


Does The City Still Need A Gayborhood?,” by Josh Kruger.
Philadelphia Weekly, October 8, 2014.


A Beautiful Day in the Gayborhood?,” by J. Bryan Lowder.
Slate, October 8, 2014.


There Goes the Gayborhood?,” an interview with SF Bay Times, October 3, 2014.


Legendary Gay Bar Seeks New Home East of the Anacostia,”
radio interview with Lauren Ober.
Metro Connection (Washington, DC Public Radio), September 26, 2014.


There Goes the Gaybourhood,”
by Peter Whittle. Standpoint, October 2014.


The Future of ‘Gayborhoods’,”
live radio interview with Veronica Rueckert and Rob Ferrett.
Central Time (Wisconsin Public Radio), September 22, 2014.
Click here to listen to the conversation.


Gaybourhoods in the US and UK,”
live radio interview with Nancy Durham and Markus Hippi.
The Monocle Daily (London, UK), September 17, 2014 (~ 20:00).


The Future of Our Gay Neighbourhoods,”
by Amelia Abraham. Vice magazine (United Kingdom), September 17, 2014.
Click here to access the United States version.


There Goes the Gayborhood?,”
live radio interview with Jack Valinski.
Queer Voices radio (KPFT Houston), September 15, 2014.


Dwindling Gaybourhoods:
Author Amin Ghaziani Looks Into the Future of North American Gay Villages
by Matthew Dimera. Xtra! Vancouver, September 11-24, 2014.


America’s Gay Enclaves are ‘De-Gaying’ and ‘Straightening’,”
radio interview with Michelangelo Signorile. The Gist: The Michelangelo Signorile Show, September 8, 2014.


Does Assimilation Mean the End of Gay Neighborhoods?
By Saul Gonzalez. Which Way, LA?, September 4, 2014.


West Hollywood: There Goes the Gayborhood?.”
LA NPR (KCRW) radio interview with Saul Gonzalez.
Which Way, LA? (Jenny Hamel and Claire Martin, Producers),
September 4, 2014.


There Goes the Gayborhood? with Author Amin Ghaziani.”
LA NPR (KCRW) radio interview with Saul Gonzalez.
Which Way, LA? (Jenny Hamel and Claire Martin, Producers),
September 4, 2014.


‘Gayborhoods’ Fade With Growing Acceptance Of LGBT
By Aamer Madhani. USA Today, August 30, 2014.


Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
By Steve Weinstein. Next magazine (New York), August 29, 2014.


What is Happening to the Gayborhood?
By Sheena C. Howard. Philly Gay Calendar, August 25, 2014.


Why Is Capitol Hill No Longer The Gay Epicenter Of Seattle?
Live Seattle NPR radio interview with Ross Reynolds.
The Record (Matthew Streib, Producer),
August 22, 2014.



Gayborhoods: As the Gays Flee, What is to Come of Them?
by Lydia Siriprakorn. Frontiers magazine (Los Angeles), August 21, 2014.


Goodbye Gayborhood?
by Alan Ehrenhalt, Senior Editor. Governing magazine, August 21, 2014.


Sociologist Discusses the End of the ‘Gayborhood,’
by Gretchen Rachel Blickensderfer. Windy City Times (Chicago), August 19, 2014.



How LGBT Acceptance Is Redefining Urban America,”
by Natalie Hope McDonald. Next City, August 15, 2014.


Study Says Gayborhoods “Straightening”; What Does This Mean For Philly?,”
by Josh Kruger. Philadelphia Weekly, August 13, 2014.


End of Gay Culture Watch, Ctd,”
by Andrew Sullivan. Daily Dish, August 12, 2014.


It’s a New Day in the Gayborhood,”
by Elizabeth Greenspan. The New Yorker, August 8, 2014.


The Rise and Fall of American Gayborhoods,”
by Matthew Yglesias. Vox, August 8, 2014.


End of Gay Culture Watch,”
by Andrew Sullivan. Daily Dish, August 7, 2014.


Gaybourhood and City Life,”
radio interview presented by Laurie Taylor. BBC Radio 4, Thinking Allowed, August 6, 2014.


Boystown Officials Respond To Reports Of Diminishing ‘Gayborhood’,”
by Andy Ambrosius., August 5, 2014.


Are America’s ‘Gayborhoods’ Dying Out?,”
by Mary Elizabeth Williams. Salon, August 5, 2014.


America’s ‘Gayborhoods’ Are a Lot More Expensive, a Lot Less Gay,”
by Brad Tuttle. Time magazine, August 4, 2014.


“Is Boystown Getting Less Gay?”
Live radio interview with Patti Vasquez, WGN Chicago, August 4, 2014.


Sociologist Finds Gay Neighborhoods Are Getting Straighter,”
posted on NBC Chicago, August 4, 2014.


New Study Suggests ‘There Goes the Gayborhood’,”
by Kelly Morris. The Seattle Lesbian, August 4, 2014.


Sociologist Finds Gay Neighborhoods Are Getting Straighter,”
posted on CSN Chicago, August 4, 2014.


There Goes the Gayborhood? UBC Prof Says Davie Street Changing, Not Dying,”
by Ian Holiday. CTV News Vancouver, August 4, 2014.


‘Gayborhoods’ Are Changing, Researcher Finds,”
by Mary Ellen Podmolik. Chicago Tribune, August 4, 2014.


Do Gay Rights Say, ‘There Goes the Gayborhood?’,”
by Mike Flemming. Project Q Houston, August 1, 2014.


Chicago’s Gay Neighborhood May Be Facing a New Identity,”
radio segment with Tony Sarabia. Morning Shift: Chicago NPR, July 31, 2014.
31:32 – 42:10


The Straightening of America’s Gayborhoods,”
television segment with Josh Zepps. Huffington Post Live: Queer View, July 31, 2014.
00:00 – 08:20


Map: Is Seattle’s ‘Gayborhood’ Vanishing?,”
by Gene Balk. The Seattle Times, July 31, 2014.


There Goes the Gayborhood: Boystown Becoming More Straight, Research Shows,”
by Erica Demarest. DNAinfo Chicago, July 31, 2014.


Is Boystown Getting Less Gay?,”
by Zach Stafford. Chicago RedEye, July 31, 2014.


Study: Gays Are Leaving the ‘Gayborhood’,”
by Daniel Reynolds. Out Traveler, July 30, 2014.



Pride 2014: LGBT Neighbourhoods Evolving Across the Lower Mainland,”
by Carlito Pablo. Georgia Straight, July 30, 2014.


Are Gay Neighbourhoods Endangered in an Age of Acceptance?,”
by Steve Mertl. Yahoo! News, July 29, 2014.


Study Finds Historically Gay Neighborhoods Straightening,”
by James Nichols. HuffPost Gay Voices, July 29, 2014.



US: Study Shows Decline of ‘Gay Neighbourhoods’,”
published on Pink News (Europe’s Largest Gay News Service), July 29, 2014.


Etats-Unis: Une étude montre un déclin des quartiers gay dans les grandes villes,”
published on (French Media), July 29, 2014.


Studie USA: Homo-Viertel werden heterosexueller,”
published on (German Media), July 30, 2014.


CBC Vancouver News.”
Live television interview with Deborah Goldberg. CBC Vancouver, July 28, 2014.
Interview begins at 17:02.


On the Coast.”
Live radio interview with Matthew Lazen-Rider. CBC Radio, July 28, 2014.
Interview begins at 53:00.


Study: Gays Are Leaving the ‘Gayborhood’,”
by Daniel Reynolds. The Advocate, July 28, 2014.


STUDY: Gays Are Leaving Gayborhoods,”
published on Joe. My. God., July 28, 2014.


Study Finds Gay Neighborhoods Losing LGBT Cultural Identity,”
published on Towleroad, July 28, 2014.


Gay Neighbourhoods ‘Straightening’ Out, Says UBC Researcher,”
published on The Huffington Post, July 28, 2014.


Gay Neighbourhoods ‘Straightening’ As LGBT Community Finds Increased Acceptance,”
by Sarah Boesveld. The National Post, July 28, 2014.



Gay Neighbourhoods ‘Straightening’ Out, Says UBC Researcher,”
published on CBC News, July 28, 2014.


‘Gaybourhoods’ Are Losing Their Cultural Identity: UBC Researcher,”
by Thandi Fletcher. Metro News, July 28, 2014.


There Goes the Gaybourhood: UBC Study,”
published in Vancity Buzz, July 28, 2014.



Where Has ‘Gay’ Gone? UBC Prof Fears Pride Alone Doesn’t Get the Job Done,”
by Jennifer Saltman. The Province, July 12, 2014.


Where Did the ‘Gay’ in ‘Gay Pride’ Go?The Advocate, July 17, 2014.


Are Gay Neighborhoods An Endangered Species?Gay City News, June 26, 2014.



Davie Village Aims to Grow from Gay Roots,” by Olivia Zauli Fellows. The Thunderbird, October 21, 2013.



Parade Fashion Celebrates Sexuality, Individuality,” by Kim Nursall. Vancouver Sun, August 2, 2012.


The True North LGBT: New Poll Reveals Landscape of Gay Canada,” by Kathryn Blaze Carlson. National Post, July 6, 2012.



Occupy Austin, Whirling Into Action and Chaos at a Public Space Near You,” by Andrea Ball. The Statesman, October 19, 2011.


Sociology Prof Explores ‘Post-Gay’ Era,” by Katie Fedosenko and Mary Leong. ArtsWIRE, September 2, 2011.


“Post-Gay Princeton,” a public presentation and conversation with members of the Princeton Alumni Association and their friends in New York (March 24, 2011), Chicago (June 27, 2011), and San Francisco (June 28, 2011). Sponsored by the Alumni Association of Princeton University, in collaboration with the Fund for Reunion / Princeton Bisexual, Transgendered, Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association.



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The Gays Take DC!” by Chuck Colbert. Bay Windows, October 12, 2009.


Debate on Gay March Exposes Division in Rights Movement,” by Jeremy W. Peters. New York Times, October 10, 2009, p. A12.


Washington Marches: Past and Present,” by Chuck Colbert. Windy City Times, October 7, 2009, p. 1, 8.


Science as a Vocation v2.0,” by Andrew Perrin. Scatterplot, October 7, 2009.


“Students in SOC 354 / WOM 354 protest the National Organization for Marriage on McCosh Walk on Wednesday afternoon,” by Roger Wang. Daily Princetonian, April 30, 2009 (front page photograph).



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Exploring Conflict and Consensus in Political Life,” by Jennifer Greenstein Altmann. Princeton Weekly Bulletin, November 3, 2008, p. 7.


“Exploring Conflict and Consensus in Political Life,” by Jennifer Greenstein Altmann.
Princeton University Homepage, November 2008.



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24 horas de diversion,” by Isabel F. Lantigua. El Mundo Salud (Spain),  January 20, 2006.



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Reducing Risk of HIV/AIDS at Circuit Parties,” by David A. Scott, MD. Armenian Medical Network,  December 14, 2005.


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